Hi, welcome to my programming blog.

I am an engineer that turned software developer. I enjoy technical challenges and experimenting with techniques and architectures. Some are used successfully in production and some are complete failures. However, all experiments are a way of learning. By posting articles about my experiments I hope that others learn from me, but also that I can learn from others. Also, it serves a more mindful approach where, by writing it down, I am forces to structure my thoughts.

Latest posts

Building an ECS-architecture using Kotlin MPP

26-Mar 2021

Reading time: 13 minutes

In this post we are going to build an Entity-Component-System architecture from scratch using Kotlin Multiplatform Programming and create a simpel Kotlin/JS simulation with it. Entity-Component-System (ECS) is an architectural…

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Compositional Patterns in Kotlin Part 2 - Component Model

07-Mar 2021

Reading time: 10 minutes

This is the second part of the post on compositional patterns in Kotlin and will focus on a dynamic, or runtime, composition. In Part 1 we focussed on static, or compile-time, composition. There are a few ways to obtain dynamic…

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Compositional Patterns in Kotlin Part 1 - Delegation

27-Feb 2021

Reading time: 11 minutes

Roughly speaking there are two ways to obtain polymorphic behavior in OOP languages, 'classical' inheritance and composition. There are clear benefits in either approach depending on the domain one is trying to model. So this post…

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